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Spring cleaning in Atlanta

Nothing kills your weekend quite like learning that you have to do home repairs. And when I say “have to” I mean it was mandatory. My family was coming into town for an extended stay and my hot water heater was out, my garage door needed to be fixed and, of all things, I had to have an air quality test. My nephew was recently diagnosed with asthma a few weeks prior to the visit and living in Atlanta, I wanted to make sure that he would not be exposed to the common issues homes have in humid climates: mold. Asthma can flare up in certain conditions and mold is big trigger. I had asthma as a kid as well, so I wanted to make sure that he did not have to deal with any triggered flare ups. I quickly realized, however, that mold was not the only thing I had to be concerned about.mold remediation atlanta

I have never been one to pay attention to those stupid mold remediation Atlanta and asbestos commercials from the law firms that seem like ambulance chasers. But, when the mold removal inspector came to review my house, he talked about testing for asbestos as well. In that moment, I wish I had paid a bit more attention to those commercials or had my dad around. He’s a general contractor and has some idea of these types of things. I am a salesperson and beyond making a sale for someone to hire an asbestos removal expert, I would not have the slightest idea about the industry.

Just like mold testing, there are tests to determine if a home or other structure has harmful asbestos. If the substance is found, there is an entire process to remove it and you can read more about it here. Luckily we did not have to go through that as our home was free and clear. No asbestos and no mold. However, we still had some issues with the garage door and the water heater. Turns out the water heater was a quick and cheap fix. It did not have to be replaced and we had a professional come out and service it. Quick and easy. The garage though? Not so much.

My husband accidentally backed into the garage door. How does that happen? No he wasn’t drunk or on any medications. It was a simple case of putting the car in reverse when he meant to put it in drive. He was generally embarrassed about it, so there’s that. He felt a bit more emotion once he got the bill, though. We all did. $5500 was the quote for a new garage door. Since he did more than just dent the door but bent the frame, we had to pay extra for an entire new structure. Awesome.

On the bright side, my family had a wonderful visit and we even had a chance to go to the world famous Atlanta Aquarium. Given how chaotic the preparation was, the visit went smoother than butter. And, if you knew my family, you would know how much of a big deal that is. But, that’s a story for a different time.

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Solar Power – Not so Expensive?

When you think luxury, you probably think of brands like Gucci and Hermes, cars like Bentley and Tesla, and vacations to exotic places like Dubai and Fiji. What you do not think about, however, is solar panels. However, maybe you should.

Solar photovoltaic systems turn the sun’s rays into energy that can be used to power anything in your home that you plug into a wall. Your refrigerator, stove, hair dryer, etc. can all use electricity powered by solar electric systems. You might be an everyday person, but the savings you can get from using the sun’s energy instead of relying on your local electric company might mean the difference between flying coach and enjoying first class. And, it is the small luxuries that count the most, right?

Many people shy away from learning more about solar electricity systems because they automatically equate solar panels with high costs. And, it’s true. A solar electric system with 12-15 solar panels can easily set a homeowner back anywhere from $15,000 – $25,000. However, there are many incentives that you can take advantage of when considering to install solar panels for your home. For example, California has tax incentives for homeowners who install solar electric systems on their homes. In fact, in cities like Los Angeles and San DiegoSolar-Panels, solar panels are everywhere because homeowners have taken advantage of programs designed to make solar electric systems more affordable for the everyday person, and not just those living the high life.

If luxury living is your goal, but your pockets are not as deep as Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates, consider investing in solar panels for your home. That decision can help raise your property value, build equity in your home and lower your everyday bills, leaving you with more money to save, invest and spend wisely.

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Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton, FL

It is gift-giving season again. Because plastic surgery in Boca Raton is huge, I asked some of my local clients if it is appropriate to “gift” someone a plastic surgery procedure. Keep in mind, these are clients who come to me for advice on the luxury lifestyle experience so many of them know a bit about the subject. Their responses were comical, to say the least. Sure, plastic surgery is expensive so contributing to someone’s procedure fund might sound like a good idea. However, most of my clients agreed that, unless explicitly requested, giving a loved one or a friend a coupon redeemable for one nose reshaping surgery or a 50% off voucher for breast augmentation may not be the best way to say “I’m thinking of you” this holiday season.

breast augmentation surgeryThat topic got me thinking about why people elect to get plastic surgery. I came to the conclusion that advertisements like the ones I feature on my website are partly to blame. If someone has always thought about having a little something done and they read an advertisement about how they can get it done for cheap, or even finance it, then cosmetic surgery begins to look more and more like a good deal.

Also, I live in Boca Raton. Plastic surgery is everywhere down here. It is a pretty socially acceptable thing to do, which is why there are so many med spas using billboards and other marketing materials to advertise all types of low cost procedures. If I were thinking of having plastic surgery, I am sure that I would be intrigued by the constant bombardment as well.

Whatever your thoughts are about cosmetic surgery, my clients made it abundantly clear. It is not an ideal gift this holiday season. In fact, it may not be a great gift for any occasion.


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My Hospice Care Experience in Atlanta

hospice care atlantaAs an experienced lifestyle consultant, I get asked about everything from celebrity news to the best places to party here in Atlanta. In fact, most of what people ask me is entertainment related. However, there are times when people ask me more personal questions. As some of my clients may know, I had to use hospice care services in Atlanta for my father after his stroke. As much as we wanted to keep him at home, my siblings and I were unable to care for him round-the-clock like he needed. It was a really trying time in my family’s lives, so when people ask about the best hospice care in the area, I do not hesitate to refer them to the Hospice Care Atlanta team.

The Hospice Care Atlanta team is made up of some of the best nursing staff I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They were professional, compassionate and knowledgeable about the best treatment options for my father. When you and your family members have to make the difficult decision to use hospice care in Atlanta, know that you have a choice when it comes to quality hospice care. I was worried about how my father would be treated while being cared for away from home. We were not one of those families who ever thought we would have to face the decision to use hospice care. And, we certainly had heard some the stories about awful hospice care teams and people who hurt their patients. If I could not care for my father myself, then I wanted to make sure that he would get care that was as good as I could provide or better. Thankfully, the Hospice Care Atlanta team was there to make my family’s elderly care decision easier.

My dad is going great, considering the circumstances. He is comfortable and familiar with his caretakers and nursing staff. He has not lost his sense of humor and the staff tell me how much they enjoy his jokes and just enjoy him as a patient. This feedback, while not required, is the kind of thing that gives me peace about my and my family’s decision to choose the Hospice Care Atlanta team to look after my dad in his final days.

Nothing will ever ease the fact that my dad living with an untreatable disease and entering the last days of his life. But, I am thankful for the team at Hospice Care Atlanta. They are doing everything in their power to communicate with my family, assuring us that my father is in good hands. If you are considering hospice care in Atlanta for your loved one, be sure to check out the their website and give them a call to help you make this difficult decision easier.

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Fund Your Dreams

The following information is courtesy of The Diary of A Rich Man:

I’m 22 years of age and suddenly I choose to make something beyond myself. i’m a big dreamer. but i’m not a good deal of fan of doing work for those dreams. however, i’d want to do it the unconventional, faster, more-comfortable-in-the-long-run way. i’d like them to make pass. i simply don’t want to stress myself in attempting to make them happen. i’m not implying that dreams aren’t worth sweat, i’m just advocating for working smart and hard rather than just spending so much time. i see many people working their asses off, attempting to make money. they benefit money. I, alternatively, want money to get results for me.

When i was younger, i began to dream big. I needed a motor vehicle. a hot red car. i want to a property. a tremendous house. i needed a household. a ‘just right’ family. I desired a wife. the hottest wife on the face of the world. i wanted to go to europe. i needed to search a great deal. do a list of all the so-called countries worldwide and undergo a-z. Afghanistan-Zimbabwe. I desired to build buildings. orphanages, hospitals, castles, schools. i desired luxury. home cinema, spa membership, yacht. I still want all of these.

Then it got me thinking.. how am i going to get the money to buy all these? my 8-5 job won’t cut it. even if i earned ten times the minimum wage from now until i retire at age 55, i’m not going to have the money to buy all of these! oh, yes, ten times the minimum wage is enough to live a simple, happy life. BUT I DON’T WANT THAT! Over the weekend, I was struggling with myself. i couldn’t answer the question, ‘will a simple life make me happy?’ growing up with the notion that money is from the devil made it really hard for me to get an answer. it was like, an honest man can never be rich. all rich men are evil. live the simple life, go to heaven. get rich, go to hell. i don’t believe people who say that they’d rather live normal lives, earning just enough to get by than become millionaires. having some extra for an out-of-country vacation every 3 years or so. living in a so-so house. I don’t believe you.

Now after a long weekend of not being able to focus on anything because of this question that’s bugging me, i’ve decided– i want to be rich. here are my realizations:

1. wealth is not equal to greed
2. simple is not equal to contented
3. it is possible to be rich and live simply
4. it is possible to be rich and live simply and be contented

there is a popular misconception that rich people lead miserable lives. not all of them. at least not me.

you’ve probably heard someone say this before (or you might have read it somewhere), ‘make a life, not a living’. well, i believe that with all of my heart. money was made to work for me, not the other way around. i’m just following natural law.

I put this information as a tool to change your state of mind..your experience is what you make …

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Limo Experience in St. Louis

My clients are really into the high-end recreational scene so finding them new and exciting activities to to keep their interests canlimo st louis sometimes be a challenge. Because they travel in style in everything from Rolls Royce’s to Bentley’s you might think that limo service would not impress them much. However, my friend, you would be mistaken.

Recently, I had a client who was planning what he deemed an epic birthday bash for the ages. One of his main requests was that his guests arrive exclusively by limo. Because parking at the venue would be scarce and drinks would be flowing, I understood his need to ensure the comfort and safety of each attendee at his big event. I went out of my way to find the best limo service in St. Louis. In St. Louis, my client’s hometown, there was only once place that I knew I could call. That place was Limo St. Louis.

Guests raved about my client’s attention to detail in having all arrive by limo. Each person specified through RSVP where they wanted to be picked up and the limo company took care of the rest. They even partner with other limo services in the area to ensure that each guest’s request was able to be met as specified. The party was a big hit, everyone loved being catered to and each person arrived safely back at home, no matter how much champagne they enjoyed at the party. The event was so successful last year that I began planning for this year’s event already. A full seven months in advance! One thing is for sure. If my client continues his tradition of hiring limo services to shuttle his guests, I will definitely call my go-to limo company in St. Louis.

And their luxury clients are hard to please…

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This is Life Experienced

So you’ve made it this far..let me start by saying..welcome to Life Experienced! I’m Marc and I run this site.

I’ll be showing you the life of someone that lives the laptop lifestyle..me! Life has treated me good and I want to share my experiences with you. So if you don’t mind joining me on this ride, I am sure you shall be entertained. I call my site Life Experienced because there is frankly a lot to be experienced and some unfortunately don’t get to see it for themselves.

So this is where I come and bridge the gap for you and fill you in on everyday life!

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